Maddyson Solano

Co Owner & Principal

Maddyson has been around property and investing since she was a toddler. Back then, her grandparents were keen investors who bought, built and sold a number of properties.

When Maddyson graduated high school, she quickly got into the workforce as real estate receptionist and knew she wanted to use property as the vehicle to secure her financial future.

When her peers were most likely considering what back packing journey they should go on, at the age of 19, Maddyson purchased her first investment property with her then boyfriend Zoran. Since then, Maddyson and Zoran have used that well purchased property to turn their love for property into a multimillion-dollar property portfolio.

Starting in Reception and moving up the ranks, today Maddyson is Zoran’s Executive Assistant and is Partner in Hot Property Management, she is also co-author of Hot Property: A Guide For Investors.

Maddyson and Zoran were married in Fiji in 2015 and since then have travelled the world. In 2019 they welcomed their first daughter Sofia and in 2021 welcomed their second daughter Olivia into the family.

In her spare time, Maddyson loves spending time with the family, going to the beach, camping and taking the boat out.