Proactive Property Management That Gives You Better Returns And Less Headaches

Do you feel like you’re not getting the most of your property?

The right property manager can be your greatest asset to maximise your return and handle everything for you — but not all property managers are equal. If you feel like you could be generating more income and be receiving better service from your property management agency, you’ve come to the right place.

Our property managers maximise your income with the minimum amount of stress.

But we just don’t help you earn more, we help you avoid all the time-consuming and expensive headaches like vacant properties, dealing with difficult tenants, receiving surprise invoices, a lack of communication and feeling like you have to do everything yourself. Let us show you the Hot Property difference.

Better Returns

Filling your property with high quality tenants that pay premium rent, collecting rent in a timely manner, strategically increasing rent in a way that keeps everyone happy and leveraging any tax incentives.

Less Stress

Handling all the administrative work, repairs and maintenance, legal requirements any rent-related issues or disputes, freeing you from the stress and time commitment of dealing with these matters yourself.

More Growth

Helping you manage and maximise your property portfolio including renovation consulting, buyers agency services, financial assistance and general strategy to help you accelerate your wealth creation.

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Here are five reasons why so many investors choose Hot Property Management.

Proactive and personalised service.

Access to a whole team, not just 1 person.

Portfolio growth suggestions to increase returns.

Maintenance and repairs before it’s a problem.

100% focused on property management (no sales).

Your one stop shop for property management.


Collecting rent, maintaining accurate records, enforcing late fees, and ensuring timely payment of bills and taxes.


Arranging repairs, supervising contractors, managing budgets, and ensuring that your property is kept in good condition.


Scheduling and conducting regular inspections, preparing reports, and coordinating any action items as necessary.


Selecting tenants, negotiating leases, handling complaints, and maintaining smooth and harmonious relationships.


If your property is ever vacant we will put it on the market and find high quality tenants at a premium price point.


Whether you’re refinancing, pulling out equity to buy another property or something else, our partners can help.


Making sure each property in your portfolio is fully compliant and up to date with the latest laws and legislations.


Sending regular reports so you know exactly what’s going on, what you’re making and anything that needs doing.

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Property management is more than finding tenants and transferring money. It’s about creating prosperity for investors and longevity in your investments. To speak with our experts, call 07 3170 3760 or submit the form to send us a message.

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