Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox



Buyers' agents might be a relatively well-known part of the real estate sector today but not so when Liz first started representing the buyer in a transaction rather than the seller.

Liz has been involved with property for decades and it was connection that motivated her to make her start in the real estate profession more than 20 years ago.

Back then, Liz took the traditional route of becoming a sales agent but it didn't take her long to decide that she had a greater passion for helping buyers in a property deal instead of vendors.

Liz says she started as a buyers' agent because while she was working as a selling agent (or as she calls it "The Dark Side") she recognised that there was no one there to represent and work in the best interests of the buyer.

Within a very short time period, Liz was one of the most recognised buyers' agents in Brisbane. Her expertise, skill and success in helping buyers soon saw her establish her own office - Hot Property Specialists Buyers Agency, which today incorporates Hot Property Buyers Agency and Hot Property Management as well as the skills of her son, Zoran Solano, and daughter-in-law, Maddyson.

Liz was recognised by the industry in 2011 when she was named the REIQ Buyers Agent of the Year - an award that speaks volumes about how well respected she is in the sector. Liz was also heavily involved in REBAA (Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia) as the Queensland State Rep, Secretary and Vice-President.

Over her many years as an expert buyers' agent, Liz has developed in-depth knowledge as well as a wide array of contacts in the Queensland property market.

She also has a professional and friendly approach that enables her to help her many clients acquire top performing properties to add to their growing portfolios.

Under Liz's guidance, the team at Hot Property Buyers Agency and Hot Property Management have become Brisbane's most trusted and leading buyers agents and property managers.

Today, Liz mentors the next generation of real estate stars, Zoran and Maddyson, to take over more of the business while she concentrates on property management and passing the buyers' agent baton from mother to son.

Liz is looking forward to having a little more time to smell the roses these days as for the past 10 years or so she has worked huge hours, six days a week. Her favourite thing to do is relaxing with family and friends with a good bottle of red wine overlooking beautiful Queensland waterfront locations, like two of her favourite spots Noosa and Bargara.

Liz has also got the travel bug after her first big trip in 2016 to the USA, where she was lucky enough to walk the red carpet at the American Film Institute Awards and rub shoulders with some of the biggest stars today, including John Williams, Drew Barrymore, Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell, Steven Spielberg and her favourite Harrison Ford.