Property Management

  • Property Management 

We are not just manageing our clients properties, but we also help protect their asset by giving them the best opportunity to maximise returns and minimise vacancies and most importantly by caring for the property by way of maintenance. This gives our clients the best potential for better than average capital growth. With an in house property maintenance team, the minor maintenance at your property is handled stress free and with minimal cost to you meaning your cash flow stays stable. Our clients also benefit from our Mid Month and End of Month disbursements, again helping our clients to manage their cash flow.


  • Pre-Purchase Rental Assessment

Are you purchasing an investment property and you are not to sure about its potential rental return? Often banks require a professional rental assessment to process a loan application for an investment property. This is a service that Hot Property Management can undertake for you. After a staff member of Hot Property Management has undertaken a personal inspection of the property, our team will then supply you with a Comparative Rental Assessment and a signed Rental Appraisal on company letterhead, along with the expert advice to increase your rental return with cost effective ways.


  • Renovation Consulting

Are you unsure of what renovations are needed to improve your rental return and capital growth? Then speak to our team of experts to help ensure you don't over capitalise or under capitalise your next renovation.